Founding and directing an open puppet theatre group

Tutelage in theatre direction dramaturgy, and acting with lecturers from the drama college “Ernst Busch” Berlin in Leipzig section puppet theater, guest instructor „black theater“ Prague 1987 Official acceptance as solo artist

since 1995  Initiator and management of art projects (see project overview)

1990  Direction and concept manager of the department for nonworkshop-capable disabled adults with behavioural difficulties at the diaconal care centre Diest-Hof in Seyda,Autodidactic setting up and development of the painting and design,Numerous exhibitions of this work in diverse locations, including tue Landtag (regional government centre) for Saxony-Anhalt, Deputy manager

2000  Began the production of my personal studio work in painting and sculpture.

2002  International Summer Academy “PENTIMENT”, painting class Hamburg

2007  Began to explore photography

2011  Started to work as independent artist

2014   Instructor ” Colour and room concepts” geriatric nursing training Berlin

2014 – 2020  Studio management – artistic work with people with mental and spiritual handicaps from different areas of the Augustinian Lutherstadt Wittenberg organisation 2016 Laureate “95 Doors to the Reformation” of Lutherstadt Wittenberg 2015 Exhibition Permanent Representation of Saxony-Anhalt to the Federation Berlin, 2016 Label development, product development in manual and digital implementation

since 2016   Teaching Art and Play Social Pedagogy Luckenwalde

2020 Microscholarship of the State of Brandenburg for “Human Network” 

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