Idea and artistic leadership:

1995 painting and sculpture Participants from institutions for disabled adults Saxony-Anhalt

1996 Search sounds
Band from Leverkusen
Music students from Lutherstadt Wittenberg
Pupils from special schools from Saxony-Anhalt and Brandenburg

1997 International Workcamp Students from Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Russia and Germany

2002 WOMAN
A week long project with fashion students and lecturers from tue College of art and design in Halle disabled people from the Diest-Hof in Seyda. – The work was shown in the annual college show and at tue Sparkasse (regional savingsbank) headquarters in Lutherstadt Wittenberg.

Own projects :

2001 “SPACE” Elbe – Elster clinic Herzberg
 pictures in the corridors and waiting areas exhibited until 2008

2008 Choreography / design Choreography project with fashion students for Diploma presentation at the College for art and design in Halle

2009 “The traces of life” – former kitchen factory at Schlieben photography

2010 Research on the theme of SPACE

2010 – 13 ” OPENINGS” photografie and lyrics / broadcast company MDR 22.7.14

2012 / 10 “Schlieben und WIR” photography A town and their people. Documentary film J. Gutgesell Bauhaus Uni Weimar Press: Mitteldeutsche Zeitung vom 28.8.2012, 20.10.2012, Lausitzer Rundschau vom1./ 2.9.2012, 4.10.2012

2015/16 “Sailors in the Port – Hamburg” photography

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