Idea and artistic leadership:

1995 painting and sculpture Participants from institutions for disabled adults Saxony-Anhalt

1996 Search sounds
Band from Leverkusen
Music students from Lutherstadt Wittenberg
Pupils from special schools from Saxony-Anhalt and Brandenburg

1997 International Workcamp Students from Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Russia and Germany, Design elements are created in the inner courtyard 

2002 WOMAN
A week long project with fashion students and lecturers from tue College of art and design in Halle disabled people from the Diest-Hof in Seyda. – The work was shown in the annual college show and at tue Sparkasse (regional savingsbank) headquarters in Lutherstadt Wittenberg.


Own projects :

2001 “SPACE” Elbe – Elster clinic Herzberg
 pictures in the corridors and waiting areas exhibited until 2008

2008 Choreography / design Choreography project with fashion students for Diploma presentation at the College for art and design in Halle

2009 “The traces of life” – former kitchen factory at Schlieben photography

2010 Research on the theme of SPACE

2010 – 13 ” OPENINGS” photografie and lyrics / Encounter with people from different federal states, e.g. in cooperation with institutions for addiction and youth welfare / Saxony-Anhalt and Saarland 

2012 / 10 “Schlieben und WIR” photography A town and their people. Documentary film J. Gutgesell Bauhaus Uni Weimar 

2015/16 “Sailors in the Port – Hamburg” photography, in cooperation with the international seamen’s mission Duckdalben Hamburg 

2017 start “ÖFFNUNGEN TWO” photography, meeting people in Cambridge (UK)

2019 “Eenie meenie moe – and out you go” photography
Landscapes in their transformation, also as a result of European agricultural and environmental policies. Ostkreuzschule for photography with Sybille Fendt

2020 July An invitation to the “Human Network” Human Network is an art project comprising three levels of expression, which enables the individual to determine their own position by means of thought sequences, expressions of emotion and visions of current events. The intention is to bring together and exhibit these sensually experienced human “soul moments” into one or more objects. This should illuminate an interior view that is largely isolated and transform it into the symbolic, an astonishing and stimulating stocktaking for all viewers and actors.

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