Through my many visits with people I have realized that little thought is given to the idea of space. I was interested to hear what they would have to say about this. I was also intrigued as to whether people under stress seek out harmonizing places in their environment or how they would imagine such a place. I was allowed to ask children in a kindergarten what the felt about colour and space. What do the teachers say? How do planners think?

I contacted a call centre, businesses, clinics and hostels. Many enquiries remained unanswered or were rejected. One went right to the top management before being turned down.

Members of staff were interested. I spoke with journalists, medics, visited computer workplaces. Eventually my efforts resulted in a cooperation with the patients representatives of the Elbe-Elster Clinic in Herzberg.

A journalist recommended me an excellent company which responded immediately. Their firm`s philosophy places an intimate connection between the form of the workspace, the wellbeing of the workers and the success of the business.

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