The former kitchen factory Schlieben

State owned works – timber industry
Founded in 1945 primarily by displaced citizens on an existing industrial site; they started by making household goods and handcarts out of old grenade crates. They soon turned to manufacturing kitchen furniture and were awarded a distinction Grade 1 distinction for their products. WORK was the lifeline of Schlieben. It formed the character of my home town. Last year I stood on the deserted works site and set off to track down the remains.

from “OPENINGS” Photography/Text
I meet people, approach them and have questions. I want to find something: the unlived dreams, buried life plans, the never just one-dimensional reality of life. It starts with conversations and meetings. The camera comes into play and the picture. Fantasy spaces emerge, staged scenes. Pictures that are more than just portraits. 

“She remains involved in the process of photography in a special way, even as a photographer, and knows her own part in the encounters. ” CP Publishing

Photography is never neutral observation. One gets involved with one’s counterpart. The other person shows himself, opens up, tells, shows his colors. Encounters take place. The encounters have also changed me.

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